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Semiconductor manufacturing: driving the future market for technology

In today’s digital world, semiconductors are the foundation of smartphones, computers, electronic devices, computer chips and more…
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The Top-5-Challenges for sealing Mixers & Agitators!

Industrial mixers and stirrers are used in the food and beverage industry as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. Machine builders and operators of industrial mixers and stirrers are often faced with special challenges…
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CIP and SIP technologies in the pharmaceutical industry – the cleanability of seals is a noteworthy factor in cases of failure.

CIP and SIP cleaning processes date back to the 1950s and were originally used in the food and dairy industries…
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How to avoid bearing damage in rotating applications that require the use of aggressive chemicals.

Moisture, dust, and dirt are just a few examples of contaminants that can enter a bearing housing. Contamination causes a number of problems including seal degradation. The result: leakage, which poses a significant safety risk to employees and the environment…
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Reduced void content and increased flex life with Garlock Diaphragms.

The GYLON® Style 3522 PTFE diaphragm is characterized by outstanding properties. Two of these are the reduced void content and the increased flexibility. GYLON® Style 3522 PTFE Diaphragms have many useful properties. One of these is the reduced void content, which is…
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The Welded GYLON® Process

For large gaskets without handling problems or premature blowout. GYLON® is a high performance PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) gasketing material with excellent chemical resistance in combination with stopped cold flow based on the special GYLON® production process…
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Semiconductor manufacture – exhaust tool hook up – GYLON® Style 3545

Many chemicals are used in the processing of semiconductors. Their vapours and fumes are extracted via the exhaust tool hook up to the scrubbing and recovery systems…
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Compression Packing in industry.

Compression packings – one of the oldest sealing techniques remains indispensable in industry today with new types of materials…
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Permanently avoid bearing damage due to liquid ingress and contamination in pumps, motors and gearboxes!

Lubricant contamination often leads to bearing damage in pumps, motors and gearboxes. A large proportion of contamination enters the bearing housings through gaps and openings. This occurs primarily at the points where shafts go through the bearing housings or at vent…
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Cleanability of seals.

Hygiene is a question of attitude. Or is that different for your plant? The pharmaceutical and food processing industries are urgently interested in limiting and avoiding all downtime caused by cleaning and maintenance procedures. Sterilization cycles are performed in…
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PS-SEAL® Non-Standard – dynamic seals in standard sizes with different lip configurations

The Garlock PS-SEAL® Standard is a PTFE-based high-performance seal that meets a wide range of requirements in practical use. In some applications, however, the successful PS-SEAL® Standard proved not to be completely suitable. That’s why a team of Garlock experts…
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PS-SEAL® Non-Standard – dynamic seals in standard sizes with different lip materials

The Garlock PS-SEAL® Standard with a GYLON® Black lip and the static seal made of FKM has long been known in industry as a proven sealing element in critical sealing situations. But what is the solution at temperatures above 200°C, which FKM cannot withstand?…
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Semiconductor Ultra Pure Water (UPW), acid handling and neutralisation – STRESS SAVER® Style 3522

Ultra Pure Water (UPW), and acid handling and neutralisation are critical to the manufacturing of semiconductors…
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For the energy transition with hydrogen

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has officially turned on the turbo for the H2 economy with the July 2023 update of its hydrogen strategy…
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How to meet the challenges of sealing chemical applications and comply with the amended TA Luft.

Environmental and climate protection in conjunction with safety and sustainability are top priorities at Garlock. Not only should our sealing solutions meet the high demands that science and legislation place on us and our products, we also see it as our duty to do the corresponding educational work and offer our know-how to our customers…
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Increased plant availability through improved load retention of seals in chemical applications.

Different surface pressures for different gaskets pose a problem when mounting seals. Mounting the seals with the correct bolt force causes difficulties for many users. And there are more challenges in the chemical industry that require solutions. …
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Diaphragms in pneumatically & hydraulically operated diaphragm pumps.

Diaphragms are used in numerous applications, including valves, fittings and actuators. Their use in air-operated diaphragm pumps and hydraulically operated diaphragm pumps is very widespread due to their versatility. The air-operated double diaphragm pump uses a…
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Danger of contamination.

Contamination through seals! A horror for operators of any plant. But how to get a grip on it? The high hygienic requirements in industry rightly demand cleaning processes that must be ever cleaner and faster. One would like to counteract the danger of contamination…
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