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One of the oldest sealing methods is the use of braided fibers. Due to continual industrial development, the required standards for sealing technologies in general as well as those in the compression packing sector have increased accordingly. Which has resulted in the development of new materials and led to less packing diversity. To satisfy these demands, application oriented research and the use of new fiber technologies have become vital.

Compression Packing

9000-EVSP / 9000-EVSP LE

The ultimate solution for environmental protection through reduced VOC emissions. Patented “cup and cone” design permits selective component compression and controlled radial flow, creating an effective seal against both valve stem and bore.


9001 QUICKSET® and 9001 QUICKSET® LE combine the advantages of 9000 EVSP valve stem packing in an improved even more compact design. The set is primarily designed for control valves where simplified installation and a minimum friction is required.

Style 1303-FEP

Braided packing combines flexible graphite with a non-scoring filament jacket for high temperature and pressure applications in the chemical, petrochemical and power generation industries. Firesafe and compliant with stringent VOC and VHAP emissions regulations.

1220-MS / 9020-HMS / 9021-HMS

Molten Salt POWERPACKS are designed for applications in solar power plants. Concentrated solar power (CSP) plants generate energy by heating up a media with mirrors. The heated media can store the energy so that the power plant can convert this heat into electricity over an entire day. Molten salt is often the media used to make this process efficient but presents challenges to seal.

Style 5906 / Style 5888

Style 5906 and 5888 are PTFE-Fiber Packings with PTFE dispersion and no additional lubrication. The pure PTFE has a high chemical resistance and can be used in food and pharmaceutical applications. The style 5906 has the certification of FDA or EC1935. The style 5888 can fulfil low emission standards and is available as braided and die formed rings.

Style 98

Style 98 covers an extremely wide range of applications, for requirements in high temperature and chemical and abrasive media.

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