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Inhouse Trainings & Workshops in Germany

Finally, the time has come! After a long break, Garlock GmbH is opening its doors to assembly teams for professional training again.

Garlock Germany used the Corona break to move the training rooms to larger, more modern premises. A good opportunity to rethink technical innovations, to re-plan the installation of the training equipment and assembly benches and then to realize the concept that was developed. The team of Application Engineers, who will also resume training at Garlock at the end of the year 2022, was in charge of the re-planning of the training center.

Garlock GmbH is a TQCert-certified, approved training provider with the qualification to conduct training courses according to the requirements of DIN EN 1591-4.

The professional installation and handling of valves and seals is of particular concern to Garlock, as „safety first“ is practiced in all areas. And this also includes ensuring that sealing solutions are professionally installed in customers‘ applications to guarantee safe operation of the systems. In addition to some DIN EN 1591-4 training modules, Garlock GmbH also offers training for butterfly valves and compression packings as well as for dynamic applications.


For Basic and Advanced Trainings as webinars please contact your Garlock sales representative.

Garlock Inhouse Basic Training

Garlock BasicTraining is intended to provide an introduction to the technical background and possibilities in the field of technical seals relating to dynamic and static sealing and valves. It will provide knowledge and experience for the employees of Garlock authorized distributors and end-users through a program of classroom sessions and hands-on activities. This training will give confidence to those in industries faced with the challenges around sealing performance affecting system integrity.

Garlock Inhouse Advanced Training

Garlock Advanced Training is designed for all those having already gathered first experience in in solving challenges in the field of dynamic and static sealing business as well in the valve sector. The Training specializes the existing skills by providing useful practical exercises taken from daily business of our professional engineers. You learn how to best approach new challenges in the field of gaskets and seals, what material and documents you need, how to use calculation programs and evaluate the results – and also how to perfectly prepare for your performance.

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